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Work Stations

Jewelry/Lapidary Work Chambers

At Cutting Edge Supply we carry a few extremely versatile machines that allow you to carve gemstones, cut glass, or do jewelry work. These confined workspaces easily fit on your workbench and do not take up too much space. They prevent any large mess and provide adequate lighting when you're working.

They are great for hobbyists who do not want to take up an entire room with a bench for a flex shaft, a place for your cabbing machine, etc. They provide many uses in a small space. On the flip side, they are amazing for professionals who want another space to work, for a more controlled environment, or to easily prevent dust from blowing everywhere In your shop. Take a look at each machines capabilities so that you can find exactly what you need! For any questions contact us at 480-647-9392. Or email us at

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